Many points of attention

At this time I am moving forward my project the required me to engage all 4 languages in various environments, which can be tricky somewhat some may say. Various environments have different ways of code assembly and deployment.

Progress imepdiments

Bugs, bugs are easy traps for one’s attention especially when dealing with updated frameworks, bugs in various dev environments such as Xcode, Android studio, Chrome. Misconfigurations and misundestandings better be recognized fast so as to not to dive deep in your investigation of “what could’ve gone wrong” phase.

Various Frameworks

Various frameworks and the way they work and deal with certain things, open your mind and while engaging one framework if something seems it expresses seems shallow and myopic, going from one to the other you start pay less attention to those things. All frameworks have ideolgical, logical and implementation level warts. Main thing is not to be bogged down in the morass of what those groups of people thought when they have birthed that code. Keep your focus on the ball that is your project(s) and success. Production result is all that matters. I guess that what they thought as well, in some way or another.