The movie was great, as it tried to promote the Ghost in the shell franchise it has kept its artistic coherence.


Movie is incredibly well done, in the spirit of original managa movies Masamune Shirow. I applaud all those involved in the movie for creating such realistic immersion - akin to one that animated movies carried. Attention to detail is impressive.


It is a bit westernized but without disrespect to original movies. Hopefully this will extend ranks of those who would watch GiTS SAC and animated movies. Without succumbing to spoilers, I can say in my memory movies intertwines with how and what was delivered in original artwork. I can see animation where I should remember people, that way plot is seamless.


Go see a movie, it is not a tear jerker or not a supreme action blockbuster, yet everything is tastefully intertwined. If you are interested in what cyberpunk is or heard/seen Ghost In The Shell animated series.

This is going to be the year of cyberpunk.